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Dr. Paul Chris, Downsview, Ontario: 
Your new book is a remarkable accomplishment, full of great truths, wonderful insights and great science. I am enjoying it very much. I have been a keen student of Buddhism for nearly ten years, having read the works of Alan Watts, Joseph Campbell, Ken Wilber, A.H. Almaas, D.T. Suzuki and dozens of other writers. Your book is up there with the best of them.

Arthur Kirkby, Secretary, The Buddhist Library, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada:
The latest edition of The Way to Inner Peace is marvellous. .... I hope it turns out to be a best seller.

Ranjit Perera, Ph.D., Orleans, Ontario, Canada:
.... one of the best books I have read on Buddhism. ..... What is so unique about your book is that you have focused so much on the "essential" aspects of Buddhism, and it is indeed a pleasure to read it.